Traveling To The Southwest

Traveling To The Southwest

Our first trip to get to the Southwest was to the Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta.  We started in Wilson, New York on September 24th so we could arrive in Albuquerque on September 29th.  I try to keep our trips between 300-400 miles a day while towing the 5th wheel but the first couple of days were a bit over that 400 mile mark.  

The first overnight was the Olde Schoolhouse Vineyard & Winery which is part of our Harvest Hosts membership.  It was a really nice overnight stop and I may have left there with a bottle of wine.

The second overnight was at the Prairie Barn Winery & Christmas Tree Farm in Missouri.  They were very nice and had a lot of local made cheeses and meats to choose from so of course I had to add to my wine collection while we were there.

I found an Army Corps of Engineer campground to stay at in Oklahoma called Brush Creek Public Use Area.  We had a really nice spot right next to the Keystone Dam.

Our next planned overnight was supposed to be in Clarendon, Texas but it was really hot out and without being hooked up to electricity to run the AC I ended up looking for another place to stop for the night.  We ended up staying at one of the Love's stations that have added RV spots to reserve in Dalhart, Texas.  It certainly isn't the most scenic place to camp but for an overnight stop it was perfect.  We were able to have full hookups, run the AC that night and get some laundry done as well.  This also put us closer to our last Harvest Host stop at Starr Brothers Brewing Company in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

So after driving 1,900 miles across the country we were only about a 5 minute drive over to the South RV lot of the balloon festival.  We spent 5 days there and it was within walking distance of the balloon launch field.  The festival started on October 1st so we headed over to the field at 4:45 am so we could get through security and find a spot on the field to view the Mass Ascension.

This is a definite bucket list item and I'm really happy that we started out our adventure here.



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